About us

On the basis of preserved documents kept by  meticulous Austrian authorities, we know that the beginning of organized hunting in today's district of Porec started as far back as 1911. Specifically 1.June1911 when they officially founded the first Poreč hunting society called "CIRCOLO PARENTINO di caccia" or "POREČKI Hunting Club".

The hunting society then was just as today, however Poreč covered the city of Porec, Varvara, Musalež, Mugeba, Dračevac, Žbandaj, Nova Vas, Tar, Vabriga and Fratu. Articles of Association bind the members of the hunt by rational principles and disciplines agreed to "the noble art of" the fight against poaching, increasing numbers of wildlife, to protect the interests of hunters, organizing firing section etc.

The first president of the 1911 was Anton (Antonio) STARE, by the year 1913/14 the society had  84 members.

Since then the company has changed its state and organizational form for example when  Istria was part of Italy it was known as  "Hunting Club Porec" or "Societa Cacciatori Parenzo". During the second world war the  hunting organization, went through a number of forms of county hunting club. Firstly in 1946  and 1948 then again in 1952, then the association of hunters Poreč municipality in 1976. To the new (old) society in 1978  (then called the Jadran) to the present hunting society "ZEC" Porec.

Today's hunting society gathers, combines and organizes hunters to protect their rights and interest in breeding, protection, hunting and use and its parts. The essential goals of the society are the protection and conservation of biodiversity and ecological balance of natural habitats of wild animals, hunting practices and the fostering of protecting nature and the environment.

Today the society has 270 members (including hunting areas Porec, Tar and Baderna) divided into 22 groups, led by five groupleaders who organize and lead hunters, and one game warden.

The Company manages the common hunting ground of  XVIII/119-Poreč, which was established by 27.3.2006,  total area of ​​12000.00 hectares, as well as its revenue from membership fees, sales of game reserves and game days, the organization of special forms of hunting, renting fields for dog training, and support and donations.

Currently  the hunting agreement is in force since 04.01.2006  (and is valid till 31.03.2016), this  is a fundamental document on the management of which is regularly monitored and implemented with the help of certified professional staff to conduct hunting grounds.

The hunting area managed by the hunting society is inhabited with large and small game. From big game  the largest being roe deer, wild boar, although present , are in small numbers, there is a  year to year increase. From small wildlife the most numerous are pheasant  and hare and a large number of Virginian quail  and dove. Snipe ben and chicken, ringdove and quail are the largest  passing game which you hunt in accordance with the LGO  ( hunting regulations ) .  Every year a small number of deaf ( gluhar ) ducks are culled.

We give special attention to protecting and preserving the flora and fauna in our hunting grounds, also maintaining  peace in hunting throughout the year especially in the natural period of game play. We also constantly and consistently working to increase the number of wild animals. For this purpose we have built and maintain a large number of technical  hunting facilities, such as depot (grain and roughage), salt troughs, ponds, feeding, forest averages, mowing the grass, high hunting stand (covered and uncovered), for receiving cages for pheasant game from which we regularly release adult birds  and chickens from eight weeks of age. We are especially proud of our hunting lodge, which is fully equipped in accordance for its purpose, extending through two floors, with space for the gathering of hunters, game storage, meeting rooms, etc.

Our members are very active and successful in shooting and culinary section, as well as in the Croatian Kennel events throughout the world

On these pages you will find basic contact information, hunting, wildlife, facilities and current events. We hope that through reading this small text you are at least partly introduced into our world, We are honored to welcome you whenever we are able to. If you need any further information please feel free to contact us, email, fax or telephone.

On behalf of all members we wish you all the best!

As fellow hunters we wish you good fortune!